Academic Institutions - Communities-Agencies Network (ACA-NET)

Academic Institutions - Communities - Agencies Network (ACA-NET) was a multi-year, colloborative research effort that provided technical assistance to environmentally impacted communities of color. The development of ACA-NET led to the creation of a strategic community, capacity-building model for environmental justice communities regarding the assessment and remediation of threats from the release of hazardous substances to human health. Throughout its existence, ACA-NET convened hundreds of environmental justice stakeholders from across the nation to,
  1. conduct research;
  2. develop a model to enhance citizen participation in Superfund related decision-making;
  3. collect and analyze data;
  4. identify existing and relevant federal partnerships;
  5. research barriers to effective interagency coordination;
  6. conduct a research colloquirium to identify resources;
  7. research and evaluate the effectiveness of computer technologies in networking with people of color communities; and
  8. compose environmental reports.

The ACA-NET partnership supported the prime value that (1) every human being has the right to live in toxic-free environments that included sustainable economic development practices; and (2) every person had the right to the benefit of clean air, clean water and a healthy environment at home, work, play and places of learning. ACA-NET was the result of the necessity to develop mechanisms for communities to respond to environmental hazards, problems, contamination, health impacts, public decision-maing and problem-solving without maintaining a staff and a budget. ACA-NET was about leveraging resources, building partnerships, solving problems and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enhance the capacity of and build lasting partnerships with historicall Black colleges and universities and minority institutions (HBCU/MI) with the support of federal agencies to implement environmenal justice, public health and economic redevelopment initiatives through a nationwide network that will provide education and support to impaired and disadvantaged communities of color.

Emergency Communities:

  • Stamps Pride Addition Community - Stamps, Arkansas
  • East Side Community - Warren, Arkansas
  • Crownpoint Community - Crown Point, New Mexico
  • Burgaw Community - Burgaw, North Carolina
  • Baltimore City - Baltimore, MD
  • Hudson Hill Community - Savannah, GA

Former ACA-NET Consultants/Staff:

  • Uzenzile Robinson
  • the late Dana "Omawalie" Edwards
  • Dr. Kyle Bryant